Refreshment Instructions for our Traditional Tea

One of our most treasured traditions is the beautiful tea which is served following each program.  Thank you to all of our members who have generously agreed to donate sandwiches or dessert for one of our teas.

  • Please take a moment to review the date and item of your assignment located in the directory next to your name.  Sandwiches are indicted as San and Desserts are indicated as Des.  Please see the section below for a complete description of what we would like you to provide.
  • Please deliver your refreshments to the Woman’s Club between 12:30-1:40pm the day of your assigned meeting so we can arrange them on our silver trays.
  • Following the Program you may be asked to take a turn sitting at the table to pour tea or coffee, or to help provide refills to those pouring.
  • You will receive a reminder postcard, call or email, prior to your assigned date.  Our Reception Chairperson, Tina Jackson, is available to answer your refreshment questions at [email protected] or 408-843-7070.

San – Sandwiches.   Please bring 48 pieces, 12 sandwiches which have been cut into fours, with the crusts removed.

Des – Desserts.   Please bring 48 finger food pieces of dessert of your choice.  

If you are unable to provide refreshments on your assigned date please try to switch with another member or order from a local deli/bakery (see below for info).  Always communicate with Tina Jackson at 408-843-7070 so that we are not caught short!

Thank you again for keeping this tradition alive!!!

Last minute Tea Sandwiches or Desserts!

Members have asked “Is there is a local deli or bakery where sandwiches or desserts could be purchased” ….YES!  These businesses will take your credit card over the phone and make your tea sandwiches and deliver them to the Carmel Woman’s Club by 1:45pm on meeting day.  Please note, the bakeries need more notice and pick-up.


These deli’s will take your order and credit card on Monday by 9am and will deliver to the CWC by 1:30pm.

  • Bruno’s Deli ~ Carmel, 831-624-3821  (Order by 9am)
  • 5th Street Deli ~ Carmel, 831-625-2688  (Order by 9am)
  • Safeway Deli, Carmel/Crossroads, 831-625-8820 (24 hour advance notice) Ask for their deli catering platter of tea sandwiches for 8-12 people.


These bakeries ask members to place orders 3-4 days prior to the Monday meeting.  Pick up only. Delivery is not available.

  • Carmel Bakery 831-626-8885
  • Layfayette Bakery  831-915-6286
  • Safeway 831-685-8820 (Party Platter, request 4 days in advance)

Please call or email Tina Jackson, Reception Chairperson, to let her know if your contribution is being delivered by one of our local deli’s.   [email protected] or   408-843-7070

Thank you again for keeping this tradition alive!!!